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It wasn’t vertigo medicine. I thought I saw you in the audience- that’s how I got flustered. I thought I saw you, but it…turned out to be someone else.

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Feels and thoughts are better in tags.

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Anonymous said:
Thanks for answering. Wanted to poke your thoughts on the Steve Jobs movie, everyone seems to be not so enthusiastic about it, even if it's being written by Sorkin.

Noooo do not poke my thoughts on that movie *protects thoughts*

Kidding aside, well. I’m excited about it, for the simple reason I admire Steve Jobs. Yes, there’s been two movies about him (Pirates of Silicon Valley and JOBS), and both focused on the early beginnings of Apple - though Jobs extended it a bit to the return. Sorkin said that he intends it to cover three product releases, which is interesting because the movie is based on the Isaacson biography, the one Steve is okay with / has authorized. In the book, there’s some raw feelings on those behind the scenes in the product launches. Personal favorite is the Pixar years, when Steve fought to get te best for the Pixar guys.

And I think Sorkin respects Jobs with what he did. He wrote this small article about his encounters with Steve - apparently Jobs called him up to say that he appreciated the quote he gave. And that he shouldn’t get discouraged when a show of his got cancelled (Studio 60, I think.). Steve also invited him to write a movie for Pixar (AS declined) and to give him a tour of the studio.

With PoSV, Jobs didn’t hide his annoyance at it - though he gamely invited Noah Wyle to do a MacWorld intro one time. Wth JOBS, there was strong criticism about it, one of which coming from Steve Woz. (Personally, it had some hits, but only some.)

I could only think that those same pressures were on Sorkin, you’re doing another movie about the guy, and people will be judging you on how you’re going to write him. (Can’t make him much of a saint, but can’t make him a total butt either.) It’s not like The Social Network where you have this story of how Facebook was made - it was fresh and new. With Jobs, you’ve had his story told twice (ish), what makes yours any different?

I do hope he brings some justice to it though. If not, I will cling on my copy of PoSV and just cry on it.

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"Family is the most important thing in the world." - Diana, Princess of Wales

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i wonder who looks at my blog and says god i wish you’d follow me

Anonymous said:
What do you think of the final season of The Newsroom having only six episodes?

Oh anon, anon, lovely anon. There’s not enough Charlie gifs to express my feels.

Also, I think I’m not the best person to ask about this, being invested in two of his projects. (But I am honored you asked.)

Seriously though.

Sorkin took on challenging projects, and in the coure of things, took on a few more (I think there was a play involved? Not sure.) Two of which I am into right now is his Steve Jobs movie and The Newsroom.

I have to hand it to him, he took on two projects that could be huge targets for criticism. With The Newsroom, it was billed as too idealistic, with a couple of problems in portraying women (which, they seem to forget - the one in charge of the show and the company itself are women.) With the movie, you have on one hand, the idea that Steve Jobs has one too many movies made for him already. On the other, you have the enthusiasts who are eager to see how you are going to portray one of the game changers in the tech industry (and Steve Jobs is one controversial subject.)

At least he followed through with both to the end. Am I sad that the last season only has six episodes? Immensely. Do I wish it had more? I will make sacrifices. But the dude has had a lot of criticisms flung at him for the past few years. But I raise my glass at him for taking on projects and subjects, doing what he can, and this time around, finishing it through.

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To think that the other night, I dreamt I slapped sorkin because of he didn’t include Pixar in his Jobs movie.

My subconscious slapping him was some weird premonition of bad news.

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the difference between pizza and your opinion is that i asked for pizza.